Wednesday, December 24, 2008

giving is awesome update

As I sit here tonight watching the lights on my tree twinkle and my babies tucked safely into bed, I come across the difficult task of deciding the winner. The nominations I received were heartwarming and humbling. As I started receiving the nominations the last week I realized how difficult it was going to be to decide. Every single one of the nominations deserved to be picked and how I wish I could chose everyone. Originally I was going to sit with my family and read the entries with my sister and mother in law to decide. But unfortunately because of the weather we don't get to spend it with them and alas I had to make the decision all on my own.

A few days ago I received an entry that brought tears to my eyes instantly. All the other entries were sad yes but this one was different because it was the story of me in high school. The nomination was sent in from a boyfriend for his girlfriend which is just too sweet on it's own. So with permission from Nick and Mackenzie, here is their entry:

Dear Jenifer,

My girlfriend, Mackenzie, is really in need this year. A few years ago her mom was having kidney failure and is a type one diabetic. She has a lot of other serious health complications and is constantly in and out of the hospital. She isn't going to make it much longer. This summer her parents went through a really ugly divorce and her mom ended up in the hospital for the whole summer. Her mom got out this fall and is now disabled. Her dad is now gone and her mom is too sick to take care of her or her sisters so her and her other three sisters live together without either parent. There are six of them all together crammed in a tiny three bedroom apt. Mackenzie is 16, she will be 17 this March. She has been working her butt off since her sophmore year to graduate one year early and is now graduating this June. She has to work full time and do all her senior year of high school online in order to support herself. She wants senior pictures soo bad but she knows she cant afford them (she has kind of given up hope) She works so hard and she deserves to have senior pictures like every other senior gets to have to remember all of her hard work. I have entered her into multiple photographers that are doing this and am hoping that someone will give her this Christmas gift. Me and Mackenzie have been together for over a year now and I know she really deserves this. I hope you consider her when you pick someone for your new years gift.

Thank you,


Thank you Nick and thank you Mackenzie for letting me do this for you. It is such a blessing for me to be able to donate something I love to such a deserving young lady.

I have found out the last few days that their entry was quite popular with my photographer friends so I am glad I snagged it early. It was just meant to be that I got to be the one to give them this christmas gift. Thank you all for the wonderful nominations. You are all so truly thoughtful and I can't thank you enough.

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope your holiday is filled with wonderful moments and lots of love.

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themorrisbunch said...

I know how much this entry means to you Jen. You are such an awesome woman, and I am so blessed to be able to call you one of my dearest friends.
Love you!