Friday, February 29, 2008

A beautiful belly to show off

I shot these last weekend of the most beautiful prego belly (0:
Here are just a few to share. There are more on my site but apparently that isn't up yet. grrrrrrr. I have send them another email to find out what is going on but haven't received a response. Hopefully it will be up any second now. Thanks for your patience everyone. In the meantime enjoy a few of these.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Only one March appointment left

I am booked through about the second week of april with the exception of one day in March. The date is March 15th and I have a 3:30 appointment available for the first taker. I told you I am filling up fast and the website isn't even up yet. (0: I was hoping the would have it live but I still don't see it up. Keep checking and I will too!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New logo and............... a few other important tid bits

So my new logo is done and Jared (click his name to go to his site) did an awesome job. I am so stinkin excited (yes I can say stinkin, it's cool ya know). Here is the new logo so I will update my blog banner tomorrow with the new logo etc and it will also be my new watermark on my pictures.

AND what does the new logo mean???? come on people doncha know? (0:
That means my website can go live now!!! yay!!!! So I have sent in the request for it to go live and I believe they say it gets done within 24 hours. So without further ado, my new website is click HERE to go directly to it now (if it's up) Go listen to some tunes, gander at beautiful pictures etc etc. I am still going to updating some things over the next week (like the calendar etc) so keep looking. I am also only going to be taking a limited number of sessions each month and I have been booking about 2 month in advance. This means if you want to schedule a shoot this spring, now is the time to book it. I am offering anyone that books a session within the next two weeks a free 8x10 with their session as well. This doesn't mean you have to have your photos taken within the next two weeks, it just means to make your appointment.

On another note if anyone is waiting for a response from me on email or phone and I have neglected you, please harass me. Fat baby and I have been back and forth to the dr's office more times than I can count over the last month or so. Poor sweetie has ANOTHER double, yes I said double, ear infection. UGH this is the third one! Thank goodness he is such a stinkin sweet baby and is actually handling it pretty good. Oh and I did headshots for a mortgage company today. 30 people! So I have been busy. Please comment and give me some love. I need it. (0:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New website teaser

So I just have to share a little teaser for my new website. Like I said it would be done this week and it almost is. I have been plugging away at it like crazy in between sick kiddos. It sure made me realize how many stinkin cute babies I take picture of. Anyways, we did a shoot a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of being my main images on my splash page of the site. The splash page is the first page that comes up and you can either click on one to go into the regular site or click another to go directly to my blog. It is a pretty neat thing. Here is a portion of one of the pictures that will be on the new splash page. I think it is so stinkin cute I had to share a bit. (-: I am hoping the site will go live on Monday so please please check back!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tricia's little peek

Had another 3 month old to shoot and she was another sweetie. Happy the whole time and just beautiful. I love it! Here are a few photos to share for momma and dad to see (0:

P.S. Website is still coming. I should be done with it this week and my new logo will be done too. Yay!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone's day was filled with lots of love! Mine was and I am so grateful. Here are some love pictures for you! The first one is Z man's card for his classmates and the mailboxes were filled with candy for some of the teachers. The cards apparently were quite the hit! (0: yay!
much love,

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More pictures by the old car

I have had a few people send me messages to see more pictures from the old car shoot we did the other day, so I thought I would share a few more. This is my oldest son and my best friends daughter. The two have grown up together and are like brother and sister so it was fun to do some pictures together of them. We both ordered really big prints to do a series of them on our walls. I am really excited to get them. Anyways the pic of them facing each other in front of the car was taken just right before they held hands in the one I posted the other day. Amanda, here are their funny faces that you requested (0: My guy has a goofy look on his face and Tay is looking at him, like lets get this over with already. They were so funny. Anyways here are a couple more (:

Monday, February 11, 2008

For auntie linny

...who is calling us impatiently to see these photos. heee heee. we love you lynn.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My favorite baby pictures ever.........

I had a photo shoot this afternoon of the most beautiful 3 month old baby girl. 3 months is probably one of the trickiest ages to photograph because they don't usually hold their head up very well and they of course can't sit up either. They also usually wake up pretty easily. Well, this little sweet thing proved me wrong and I can honestly say the photos I took today are probably my favorite. I really think you guys all will agree. I got this new little suitcase and haven't had a chance to use it so I brought it today. Once mom got her to sleep, we put her in it and she slept like a champ. It was the sweetest. I was so excited to look at them I started editing them already and am really excited to share them. Please post and tell me what you think. She is so stinkin cute isn't she?

legwarmers are back....did you know?

I am serious! They are the thing for babies and kiddos and I seriously want a pair (0: Fat baby is a lighting speed crawler and his poor little knees get ouchies if I don't have pants on him at all times. So I finally got him a pair of baby leg warmers to cover up his little knees. Ben thinks I am crazy that I am putting leg warmers on his son but whatever. I think they are so very cute and functional at the same time. Plus his new little shirt is the cutest thing ever. If only you could see the back of it. I got it at a boutique and I love it. We did a big photo shoot today getting images for my main splash page on my website with my 7 year old and my best friends 6 year old. It was interesting, but we pulled it off. Fat baby flies over to my studio setup whenever I have it up. He goes straight for the middle and sits up and looks forward smiling....ready to have his picture taken. It is the most hilarious thing. So here he is hamming it up during the photo session today.

Friday, February 8, 2008

soooo stinkin excited

There are some really excited thing to come for Polka Dot Photography in the very near future. First, I have Jared at Firehed (click the name to go to his site)making me a new logo. I also got a website and actually just got to play around with setting it up today. It is AMAZING. It will allow you to order your prints directly from a password protected gallery. This is something that I know of a lot of you have requested and I am going to be so excited to offer this. I will still offer cd's though so don't fret. The other excited thing is that I have finally located an amazing photo lab company to do my printing. I always thought that costco did a pretty decent job, but I was incredibly wrong. These are amazing and they offer different textures, and an incredible amount of sizes. Anyways just wanted to share some really exciting news! My website should be done with the next week or so. Please please check back often and let me know what you think! Also here is some sweet pictures that I should have posted weeks ago but I kept forgetting. She is the sweetest little baby and I really hope they have me back again soon. (0:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I love fuzzy hoods

Sorry to go so long without posting. Fat baby has been sick (all of us actually) and today the dr. said he has his double ear infection still. Poor little guy. We are all feeling better now though and amazingly enough my cell phone that he ate last week has dried up. This means I was able to retrieve all my phone numbers. YAY!!! So anyways, we shot these last Friday. Her daughters are sooo stinkin photogenic and I just LOVE LOVE the fuzzy hood. Isn't she so cute?