Friday, September 26, 2008

me on the other side of the camera for once

So as any of you that frequent my blog, are clients, or are friends of mine know we at the Johnston house have had quite a crazy last two months. To call it crazy is honestly actually a huge understatement. On top of having work to do, we were plagued with one sickness after the next and each one being subsequently worse and I say this with complete seriousness. Sweet baby boy got the brunt of it and the day before he almost died on us we were scheduled to have family photos taken. At the time he had a runny nose and we didn't think much of it but man was he a stinker.

Anyways, we had our family photos taken by the very awesome Shannon Sewell. Leading up to our session I for once realized what it was like for my clients. I was struck with panic and nervousness for the whole week before trying to figure out what the heck to wear. I can dress my clients but heck no I can't dress my own family. Why? I have no idea but I just couldn't. Doesn't this make you all chuckle? I am sure it does. So we got dressed, Ben left work for a few hours and we tromped around portland with the paparazzi following us. Jack was turkey (for obvious reasons we know now) but you honestly cannot tell he was so sick when looking at any of these. I waiting in anticipation to see these and yes, now I know how you all feel now too, so laugh even harder at me now (0: She posted the photos on her blog and they about brought me tears because the made me so happy. I can't even tell you how happy these make me Shannon. Your rock!!!!

Baby B......................Polka Dot Photography, Vancouver, WA baby photographer

So baby B and the previous post, baby J came at the same time and shot them both last christmas. It is so fun to watch them get bigger. He is such a cutie and had the cutest smile. Reminds me of my little guy. Anyways here a few to share. Sorry about being MIA but it is for good reason. I have gotten so much work done the last few weeks and it has been awesome. So there will be lots of posts coming soon, I just have been too busy to blog them.

P.S. I am booked through the end of the year. If you aren't one of the lucky ones that got on the schedule, please email me to be put on a wait list. I will only add a few people to the wait list. I do have some amazing photographer friends I can refer you to as well so don't be shy! (0:

Friday, September 12, 2008

baby J is back ....................Vancouver, WA baby photographer

I did christmas pictures of this little one when she was super tiny last november. Her mom brought her down from Longview to do them again and she is still just as cute as ever. I love being able to see these little ones grow up and she just has the cutest smile and personality. Makes me want a girl, but man do I love my boys so very much.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Twins, twins, twins ................. Vancouver, WA baby photographer

A sneak peek finally. I see in my stats all you little blog checkers and all the emails and phone calls have been so amazingly sweet. I have the best clients and the most understanding during the crazy last month we have had. This family is one that has been ever so patiently waiting to see a little peek and I can't wait to share them. When I first talked to mom to set up the appointment, I would be lying if I said I thought photographing 6month old twins was going to be easy. But let me tell you, boy did they prove me wrong. They were soooo stinkin cute and smiley it would have been impossible not to get a cute shot of the two of them together. They put my older sibling clients to shame. ha ha. Anyways, here is a few of the two lovely ladies. They are actually my third set of twins this summer. The other two were newborns and I just realized I never posted them to the blog. Whoops.

And of course, we have to have a comment contest.......Amie, if you get 25 comments you will get free mounted 11x14 print of your choice.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

phew....what a week

We are home as of this morning and Jack is just waking up from a three hour nap. Apparently he wasn't getting much sleep at the hospital. who does? I know I didn't and will be beyond happy to sleep in my bed for the first time tonight. ha ha.
Anyways the nurses just gobbled him up and I am pretty sure he was sad to leave. They took great care of him. I couldnt resist this shot. The nurses died laughing when they saw him doing it. He has mini daddy bubble butt. Love it.
I think I have responded to all the emails etc but if you didn't get a response, let me know! I look forward to getting back to work. Thanks for all the emails, phone calls and sweet comments about my little guy. Sure means a lot. (0: You guys are the best.